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Netlify CMS NextJs Tutorial

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    Irvin Lin

Need a content management system with Next.js?

Netlify CMS would be a great choice for you.


  • Free to use
  • Open source
  • Seamless integration with Netlify hosting


  • Basic rich text editor
  • You can't add links to open in a new tab (workaround is to switch to markdown and edit)
  • Setup can be difficult for non programmers

Steps to start


Here are some issues during my setup process and hope it will help someone out there.

  • CMS Invitation email links do not have /admin in it hence everytime you try to reset a password, you will land on your homepage
  • Add /admin/ before your recovery token to gain access to your reset password page
  • You may need to reset your tokens if you have set Github as private repo after deployment, you will need to go to Netlify's settings -> Identity -> Reset your Github Access Token under Git Gateway